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Do you know what major problem the health care industry is currently facing? The serious concern they are dealing with is the shortage of staff, especially nursing. Hundreds and thousands of people are suffering from some kind of ailments. Many accidents are happening daily. Further, domestic and street violence are causing several injuries. With so many cases of casualties, diseases, and traumas being registered in hospitals each day, would not there be enough caring personnel to look after the patients? The nursing people very well attend this job. So, if you have a compassion and passion to help others, nursing profession is the best option. Most importantly, the nursing profession would get you respect, decent earning, and above all blessings from the god. However, to pursue this noble career, you need a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certification.

What is CNA Certification?

When you have decided to take a profession that would help you in taking care of people, several questions would automatically knock on your mind. The first one would be the certification and its process. So, let us start by answering this obvious and important question. Certified nursing assistant certification entails training where you would learn the required skills needed for serving the patients and staff in any health care industry. Several hours of training are compulsory to qualify for the certification. The trained and learned people will conduct the training. The training involves classroom and practical education. One can also take up a CNA certification online course through video conferencing. The training and process would depend on the state you are residing in, since each state has their own methods in conducting and offering the certification. Nevertheless, the aim and goal would be the same-to educate and make you ready in serving the heath care industry.

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Who Needs a CNA Certification?

Any person who is interesting in pursuing a nursing career has to obtain a certification. In simple words, certification is requisite for the nursing profession. This is because medical centers need knowledgeable, passionate and trained individuals. Complete understanding and awareness are important for treating patients. Without proper education and training, one can put patient's life in danger. For this purpose, many states have made certification compulsory. Even the centers or hospitals do not want to put their reputation at stake by employing someone not having attended the training. Therefore, every person who wants to serve the health facility has to achieve the certification. This certification undergoes verification before it is given to the candidate.

What is the Procedure, Cost and Period for CNA Certification?

Procedure: Now that you have made up your mind in following the nursing profession, the next thing to consider is the certification procedure. Enroll yourself in any school or institute that offers the certification course. There are numbers of education settings in each state. Find one with good reputation, and facility. Additionally, look for the proximity so that you need not have to waste valuable time in commuting. Now, getting the certification is possible online as well.

Cost: The cost for the certified nursing assistant certification is different among states. However, it should not be more $1,500. Some health and medical centers also provide the training. If you are already working in a medical or healthcare center at any position, you can apply for the nursing certification. If so, there will not be any cost. Moreover, you will find a change in your designation and hike in salary matching the certification. If you still cannot afford few hundred dollars, you can seek for scholarship or financial aid from private organizations.

Period: The timeframe for the certification process would depend on the program. There are two types of programs available for individuals-part-time and full-time. By enrolling in the part-time program, you can work for the other half of the day to meet your expenses. However, you will have to wait for 12 weeks to get the certification. Full-time program would fetch you the certification in two weeks, but you have to spend the entire day. Evening and weekends classes are also other options if you are not in a hurry for the certification. Minimum 75-hour of classroom is compulsory regardless of the program you chose. The total hour is inclusive of the 16-hour clinical training under direct supervision. You will have to take a test after finishing the required hours of training. The test would include practical abilities and theoretical knowledge.

Benefits of CNA Certification

  • It creates more job opportunities in various medical settings
  • It offers a good salary hike in this job profile
  • It has a fast growth in the career ladder with the increase in experience and skill set
  • It is a recession proof job, as it is an ongoing process
  • There is a flexibility in the timing of the job
  • The salary is paid on hourly basis, so you can work for extra-hours and earn more

What is Next After CNA Certification?

The certification will declare or attest that you are a professional capable of serving the medical industry. It will inundate you with lots of confidence and help in finding the job. You can get an entry-level position as a nursing professional. With few years of experience and updated knowledge, you can progress ahead in this profession.

However, before you find out how much salary you require to manage your family, what are the pay and facility the health industry in your state are offering, how demanding the job is, do you really have compassion for others, can you manage to work and care for the sick, injured, aged and the dying? You will find many of the answers on

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