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Certified nursing assistants are the lifeline of the healthcare industry. Without them, it is impossible to serve the clients or patients. The reputation of the hospital or the healthcare facility is very much depended on their shoulder. They carry this responsibility with pride, dedication and empathy. They simply make the life of the patients easy and convenient by attending to their basic needs. Besides family, if there is anyone the sick could communicate and share their feelings and emotions, it has to be certified nursing assistants. For they motivate the afflicted people to recover fast with their talks and kind behavior. Their selfless act and caring attitude is the pillar of confidence for the patients and their family. If you are looking forward to learn the nursing skills and develop a healing touch, you must know the CNA certification application process.

How to Find Information on CNA Certification

There are several institutes that provide nursing assistant training and are located at different regions in the United States of America. Therefore, finding information about CNA certification is not a difficult task. Given below are few ways that can be useful to you while searching for information related to nursing assistant certification.

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  • One of the institutes that is famous throughout the USA is the American Red Cross Institute. Chapters of this institute are spread across each and every state. Apart from the certified nursing assistant training, they also provide other training programs related to health and safety issues. You can find one of the chapters closer to your residential area and gather information related to the admission procedure. These institutes also help the trainees to search for jobs after completion of their certification.
  • The website of the State Government preferably sections including the Board of Nursing or the Department of Health will have a list of names of all the training institutes. Information about various approved training institutes,their requirements, the approximate duration of the course will be displayed.
  • Visit different nursing schools, training institutes and hospitals in your locality and ask them the requirements and other details about the training.
  • Newspapers, and internet are also good sources.
  • Friends, relatives and other nursing assistants can provide some information about the nursing schools and the description of their course.

Details regarding online course can also be obtained through these sources. The CNA certification online course will be economical and you can do it in your own comfortable way.

Eligibility for Nursing Assistant Nursing Certification

There are few pre-requisites that you need to maintain and follow before seeking admission to the training institutes. Given below are the eligibility criteria:

Age: You should have completed 18 years of age. However, the age criteria differs from one state to another. For example, in California, the minimum age requirement is 16 years.
Educational Qualification: The minimum qualification that is required is completion of a high school diploma or an equivalent program such as the General Educational Development (GED)
Medical Check up: You should have gone through a complete medical check up of your body along with tuberculosis (TB) test
CNA Training: Completion of a minimum 75 hours of nursing assistant training (both theoretical and practical) is compulsory to obtain the certification

Background Verification Process

There is a section on the application form to check your background. The information is to know whether there is any charge of negligence or felony against you. Some state would also ask information on whether you are allergic to any kind of substance or situation, are you physically fit or have any medical problem, can you lift a weight of 50 lbs, or are you pregnant, etc. Further, you must provide your fingerprints. For this, you have to fill two fingerprints cards. You can request them to send the fingerprint cards along with the application form, or can download from the state's board website. This information will help them decide whether you are trustworthy, and can work with elderly patients. If you request, they will also provide you with a copy for their investigation. Just remember, the process of certified nursing certification application will rest totally on your residence state.

Fees for CNA Certification

Once you have completed the application formality, you will have to deposit the fee. You can pay it online, in check or cash. The fee would be around $1000 to $1500. Part will be for the registration and the remaining for tuition. The right to accept or reject you nursing assistant certification application will be with the training school. The total fee is refundable, if your application is rejected.

Once enrolled, you have to complete the training. If due to some unforeseen problem, you are not able to continue the training, you have to inform them in advance so that they can allot the vacant seat to other applicants. If your decision is final, you should inform the school before the start of the training program. However, you have to shed away the registration fee. If you are on a sponsorship program, there will be different policy. If you are leaving the program in the mid way, you are not liable for any refund. If you decide to reapply for the nursing assistant training program, you have to pay the entire fee.

Before sending the CNA certification application, decide the date and time that are convenient to you. In addition, check with the training school, whether it is available with them. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the batch gets over, or make some adjustment. Check that you have a white shoe and an analog watch. If not, then buy it before joining the program.

We recommend you to check CNA certification requirements and application process with your local nurse aide board. Collect all the information and take help of the office clerk in completing the application. Most importantly, make up your mind whether you want to join the medical career. Your time and money is valuable. 

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