Certified Nursing Certification Classes

Taking CNA certification classes is the first step if you are interested in a nursing career. Since the medical care industry is the most profit generating and highly sensitive sector, the state and the federal government intervene in this venture by detailing some instructions and regulations. Given the complexity and nature of the job, all nursing professionals have to obtain the certification. You can say the ticket to step in the nursing industry is the certification. For certification, you have to do the nursing assistant certification classes that your state certifies.

It is easy to do the CNA classes due to the popularity and growing demand of nursing assistants in the medical industry. All states in the U.S. have various nursing schools, colleges and training institutes you can learn from. Any U.S. citizen can take admission and learn the basics of nursing. If you have no idea about the certified nursing classes, you can call, email or visit the local nursing aide board established by the state government. For those, who cannot afford the fees, or are engaged for the better part of their day, they can take the online nursing assistant classes.

Since planning is the key to success in any profession, you have to plan and consider many things before taking the classes for certified nursing certification. Chances are that the place you stay may be far away from the classes for which you need to spend extra time and money to attend it. You may also find the cost or fee way beyond your capacity or expectation. Keeping in view all these essential factors, you must plan and enroll yourself in the class that is convenient to you. Therefore, consider the following elements before choosing CNA classes.

Certified Nurse Aide Certification Fees

types of nursing classes You can find numerous nursing assistant classes in your area. In addition, the fees and regulations for the CNA certification would entirely rest on the state you are living in. However, the nursing assistant fees in any U.S. state will not be less than $1000 and more than $2000. You can also get help from the Red Cross Society in case you cannot afford the fees. Moreover, few generous people sponsor needy and talented people for better cause. Since the demand of nursing assistants is growing, many healthcare institutions are set to take care of the class fees provided you are ready to work with them for a certain period. This does not mean that you will not be paid or have to work for free until they recover whatever they have invested on you. You will have to complete the working period they expect you to. Further, you will not be in a position to demand or negotiate salary with them. Therefore, it is better to pay the nursing assistant class fee on your own and be independent considering the security and income the job will provide you.

Nursing Assistant Certification Classes Research

Statistics are good to read and in most cases, they are true. However, to have a clear picture, a little research is what you should do before taking a nosedive. The research should start on finding the total healthcare institutions in your state, the population, the shortage and demand of nursing assistants. The information you gather will help you to decide whether the scope for this particular position in your state is attractive or not. If you are ready to relocate or shift to other states, you must research for that as well. The idea behind doing the CNA classes should be to find a suitable and convenient employment.

List of Some Institutes that Offer CNA Course

Let us have a list of some of the institute that offer CNA course along with their addresses, length of the program, duration of the course and cost of the program.

Institute Name
Program Length
ABC Training Center, Inc. 1 East Fordham Road Bronx, NY 10468
6 Months
120 Hours
USD 1600
A&F Health Review Training Inc. 8th Street & 10th Avenue Miami, FL
24 Months
100 Hours
USD 200
5 Star Training Center, Inc. 39 NW 166th Street Suite 4 North Miami Beach, FL 33169
2 Months
120 Hours
USD 300
American Red Cross- Lakeland Chapter 2131 Deckner Avenue Green Bay, WI 54308
6 Months
120 Hours
USD 750
Alvin Community College 3110 Mustang Road Alvin, TX 77511
3 Months
88 Hours
USD 800

State-approved Nursing Assistant Certification Class

Since there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of nursing assistants, many nursing schools and colleges are mushrooming in your area. The State Nurse Aide Board not approves all of them. Sometimes, the stringent rule and regulations designed by the Nurse Aide Board makes it difficult for local institution to get sanctions. Therefore, you must put in your time and money on the one that is approved or affiliated with the board. The best way to ensure a peace of mind is to visit the local board office and find out CNA class they approve. You will not have to face embarrassment or frustration when you actually start finding employment after getting the certified nursing certification. Also, remember that there is a different procedure for CNA certificate verification. You might not get the certificate if you fail to submit the proper documents.

Top 10 CNA Institutes by Student Enrollment

Institutes/ Universities
Population of Students (Approx)
Riverside Community College
City College of San Francisco
American River College
Salt Lake Community College
Long Beach City College
Pasadena City College
El Paso Community College
College of DuPage
Central New Mexico Community College
Mesa Community College

The next thing you must know about the certified nursing class is the total duration and kind of training they are providing. Classroom and practical training are the features of the certified nurse aide certification class. You must find it yourself whether the training institute has a laboratory and state-of-art facilities. Also, ask the training-providers where they impart you practical training. To get the real experience of the nursing assistants’ job, you have to visit a hospital or nursing home. You can have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, only if there is any tie-up between them and actual healthcare facilities.

There are many sources and methods available in each state to do the CNA certification classes. Mere attending the class will not help you in getting the certification. For that, you need to pass the exam, which is possible by putting in extra efforts and pain. 

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