Nursing Assistant Certification Cost

Obtaining a designation as a certified nursing assistant is no longer a tough job unless you obtain the required certification and the license for the same. This profession is one of the booming sectors and will continue to be in the forth coming years. But one factor that brings several thoughts to the people who want to become a part of the nursing field is the cost involved in the training program. The CNA certification cost does not remain the same every year. There are constant changes in the fees.

Given below is a table that describes the duration and the cost of the CNA certification program conducted at various institutes of different cities.

Name of the City Name of the State Name of the Training Center/ Nursing School
Cost of the Training
Chicago Illinois Harold Washington College
3 Months
USD 600
Tempe Albama Rio Salado
190 Hours
USD 1000
Riverdale Georgia Center for Progressive Training
140 Hours
USD 500
Detroit Michigan American Red Cross
3 Months (90 Hours)
USD 900
St Croix Falls Wisconsin Good Samaritan- ST CROIX VALLEY
120 Hours
USD 600
Kansas Missouri MCC Maple Woods CNA Program
8 Months (180 Hours)
USD 800
Belgrade Montana CNA ECT.
6 Months (70 hours)
USD 700
Bronx New York ABC Training Center, Inc. CNA Program
6 Months (120 Hours)
USD 1,600
Stanton California Seasons Medical Training
5 Months (160 Hours)
USD 1,350
Nashua New Hampshire Hesser College
8 Months (190 Hours)
USD 1,000

Though the duration and the cost changes, the pre-requisites of the training program is almost the same throughout the United States of America. Given below are the requirements that are essential to be met before enrolling for the program:

  • Completion of at least eighteen years of age. However, there are few states that provide admission to those who have completed 16 years as well. Therefore you will have to inquire about it and then pursue the CNA training.
  • The required educational qualification should either be a high school diploma or an equivalent degree such as the General Educational Development (GED).
  • Completion of background check for criminal records. A fingerprint card is also required.
  • Completion of a medical check up that includes a tuberculosis (TB) skin test and a drug test.
  • You should be able to read, write and speak English. Some training centers also conduct English competency tests and reading comprehension examinations to check your English knowledge.

Variations in the Cost

As described in the table given above, the cost of the certification program is not unique throughout the country. It depends on several factors. Some of them are:

  • State:- The economical condition of all the cities and the states are not the same. The cost of the program in these states and cities with strong economic background is high as compared to the others.
    For example: The cost of CNA certification in New York can be higher than the cost of certified nursing aide training program in a remote area.
  • Accreditation Level of the Training Institute:- Training centers having multiple recognitions, high accreditation levels, possessing a good reputation, and those that have the advanced training equipment relatively impose a high amount for the training program. Such training institutes may impose costs around USD 2,500 .

However, the cost of the training program on an average lies between USD 500 to USD 1,500 throughout the country.

Tips to Overcome the Cost

This cost factor should not act as a barrier in your future. There are several ways to overcome it. One such option is free nursing assistant courses. Many government aided organizations assist the aspirants to obtain the degree of a certified nursing assistant. Non-profit institutes provide financial assistance to those who want to pursue their career in this field . The income assistance office is the best place where you can seek financial aid. Many scholarships and grants are also introduced by several institutes to reduce the burden of fees. You can contact your respective State Board of Nursing to find out the names of training schools that provide CNA training for free.

The Job Corps and the American Red Cross Institute are among the well known organizations that offer financial assistance. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is also a well known organization that provides government grants. You can become eligible for such government grants, if you belong to the category of ethnic minorities, single parents, or disables.

Another option to overcome the nursing assistant cost is online certified nursing programs. Many nursing schools and nursing assistant training centers provide online mode of training. In this mode, the theoretical sessions can be pursued through online education, whereas the clinical training needs to be completed by attending the required clinical settings. Unlike free CNA classes, this program is not completely free, as the clinical sections of the training will include certain costs, but the theoretical sessions are completely free excluding some registration fees and other charges.

Reimbursement Cost

This reimbursement method is not applicable for all the certified nursing assistants. Only those who get an opportunity to work with Medicare or Medicaid long term care facilities have the option of reimbursement of the costs involved in the nursing assistant training program. In this method, all the costs pertaining to the course material, licensing fees, and the examination fees will be given back to the licensed nursing assistants working with them.

Thus, the term certification cost may look like a huge problem for the aspiring candidates in the beginning of the career, but there are various ways to plan and overcome it. 

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