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Houston, which is located in Texas, has got numerous opportunities to provide jobs for many certified nursing assistants in several medical care centers. There are more than 90 hospitals and several other nursing facilities and clinics in Houston that are in need of good and qualified nursing aides who can work with them. So there is no question about less number of employers in this field. You just need to obtain a CNA certification in Houston and a license and you will certainly obtain a job in any of the medical settings in this region provided you clear the interviews conducted by them.

Where can you find such certification programs?

You can inquire about it in community colleges, nursing schools, Red Cross institutes and other nursing assistant training centers located in Houston. However, you should make sure that the training center chosen by you is an approved one. These accreditations could be either of:

  • The Texas Department of Human Services
  • The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS)
  • The Texas Workforce Commission

nursing assistant in houston Some of the training institutes offering certification programs for CNAs in Houston are:

  • Career Schools and Colleges
  • American Medical Institute
  • Ace Healthcare Training Institute CNA Program
  • Houston Community College
  • Alpha Medical Institute

You can find many more institutes in and around your area by searching with the help of your friends, relatives, newspapers and the internet. Along with inquiry about these classes, you can also find out if they offer any weekend classes, online training or free training.

What are the requirements for CNA Certification in Houston?

  • Your age should be 18 years or more
  • You should have qualified either the General Education Development (GED) or the high school diploma
  • You must have completed the certified nursing assistant training program
  • You should have passed the nursing aide examination that is organized by the state
  • You criminal background verification must be cleared. This is done to check if you any criminal records.
  • A medical health check up is also mandatory. This check up should also include tests for hepatitis B and tuberculosis.

Program structure of CNA Certification in Houston

As per the state regulations, the training should be conducted for a minimum of 75 hours. This is further segregated as 50 mandatory hours for classroom sessions and 24 hours for clinical settings. However, in most cases, the duration of the coaching exceeds more than the required one in order to cover all the possible things that are necessary. So the training approximately lasts about six to eight weeks and in some cases it might go around three to four months. The training sessions comprise of:

  • Responsibilities of a certified nursing aide
  • Importance of hygiene?
  • Physiology and anatomy of human body
  • Verbal communication with the patient
  • Use of medical instruments for conducting vital check-ups for the patients
  • How to maintain medical records of the patients
  • Assist the doctors while they carry out surgeries

Cost of the Training

The cost for this training cannot be exactly determined. However, on an average the CNA certification cost can come up to somewhere around USD 600. It can also exceed to USD 800 at times. This depends on the training center that you have chosen. If you require financial assistance, then there are many scholarship programs for the same. You can enjoy the benefits provided by such programs. Some of the organizations also provide free CNA training in Houston. Opting for free trainings means that the organization in which you have enrolled for the program will pay on your behalf and in return you will have to work in their medical settings as a certified nursing assistant for a certain period of time. Other financial assistance schemes include that the employers will pay few dollars of the total fee and you will have to refund the amount to them within a certain period of time.

CNA Examinations in Houston

In Houston, the examinations for certified nursing assistants are administered by the Pearson VUE. The examination question paper is divided into two parts. The first part is the written exam that consists of 60 multiple choice questions and the second part is the practical exam in which you will have to perform five experiments to show your skills test. You will only get three chances to appear for the exams. However, if you fail in the third time, you will have to attend the entire training program once again.

How to obtain the certificate?

Once you pass this competency test, you will obtain the certification of a CNA in Houston. It takes around four to six weeks to obtain the certificate. You will also have to obtain the license from the license authority and make sure that your name is registered in the Nurse Aide Registry of the State.

Now you just have to search for certified nursing aide jobs in all the possible health care facilities that are suitable for you. On an average you can earn around USD 27,000 per year. But this salary again depends on your experience and the number of hours you work in a day, as the salary is paid on hourly basis.

CNA certification in Houston will help you to develop your skills in the nursing aide profession. With the increase in the experience and constant exposure to the medical life, you will get to learn many new things that will help you to further increase your levels of designation. The CNA training programs are conducted in all the states, so you can enroll for a training program in your state. For example: The residents of Washington can enroll for CNA certification programs in Washington. 

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