CNA Certification New York

New York is one of the states that provide employment opportunities for many nursing assistants. It is one of the top ten states that require CNAs who have obtained their New York CNA certification. Due to the huge population in this state, there is huge requirement for nursing assistants in several health care facilities such as hospitals, long term care facilities, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and other health care settings.

However, before applying for nursing certification, you will have to go through certain procedures and follow some rules of CNA certification New York. Those include:

  • Attending a certification course
  • Appearing for the State Board exam and passing it
  • Obtaining the license

CNA Training Programs New York

nursing aide in new york You need to contact the New York State Department of Health and collect information about the colleges and nursing schools that conduct certification programs for certified nursing assistants. You can also obtain the details through internet and newspapers. Friends, relatives and other people working in a health care industry can also prove be a good source of information. Some of the colleges that offer nursing programs for nursing assistants are:

  • Fingerlakes Community College
  • Westchester Community College
  • Mohawk Valley Community College
  • Mandl School, The College of Allied Health
  • Hostos Community College

Besides these, there are many other nursing schools that conduct these classes. The second option is CNA classes online New York.

Requisites Considered

After finding a suitable college, you will have to be ready with all the required documents that are essential to take admission. The requisites may vary from one state to another. You should be aware about the requisites applicable in New York as they might be different from requisites that need to be fulfilled to become a CNA in Houston or any other state. They are as follows:

  • You should have completed at least eighteen years
  • You should have no criminal record. As a proof for it, you will have to undergo a criminal background check during which your fingerprints will be taken. These fingerprints are dispatched to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) so that they can be verified by the national criminal background check and another copy of the fingerprints are given to the Division of Criminal Justice Services, so that they can carry out a NYS criminal check.
  • You should be medically fit and fine and should be able to produce the documents for the same when asked for. So you will have to undergo a medical check-up, which should also include a negative tuberculosis (TB) test results of the recent six months.
  • You should have completed high school diploma or an equivalent course of General Educational Development (GED)
  • You should be having appropriate photo identity proofs or related documents

Certification of a CNA in New York

The training should be conducted at least for 75 hours; however it extends to 130 hours in most of the schools. You will have to undergo both classroom lectures and practical sessions. In the theory sessions, you will be taught about the following things:

  • Duties of a nurse
  • Importance of hygiene (which also includes food habits and nutrition)
  • Diseases, viral infections, and immunizations
  • Medical equipment
  • Anatomy and physiology of the human body
  • Communication
  • Importance and implementation of personal care

In the practical sessions, you will be taught about the following things:

  • Use of medical equipment to check the condition of the patient
  • Conduct tests such as checking the blood pressure level, pulse rate, and temperature of the body
  • Precautionary measures that need to be taken in case of emergency
  • Maintain a health record of the patients on a daily basis. This includes making a note of all the changes noticed in the health of the patient regularly.

While performing the practical tasks you will be guided by a medical supervisor or by your trainer. After completing the entire course you will eligible to sit for the exams of CNA certification New York.

New York State CNA Exam

The Prometric Services organize the exam for CNA in New York. In order to appear for the exam you will have to register yourself. For registration purpose, you will have to submit details regarding your course completion, and other medical and criminal record check documents. However, before appearing for the final exams you can go through practice tests that are conducted at various centers of Prometric in the State. This gives you an idea about the questions that are being asked in the exam and also help you to correct your mistakes and gain confidence on the day of your final examination. The examination centers will be decided by the Prometric.

The question paper comprises of two parts: written evaluation and hands-on skills test. The written test consists of 60 multiple choice questions and only if you pass this section you will be allowed to appear for the next section. During the hands-on skills test, you will have to perform five skills test and show it to the examiner on the spot.

CNA License New York

After passing the exams with good marks, you will be issued the title of a certified nursing assistant and will be given a certificate for the same. You should also make sure that you name is registered with the New York Nurse Aide Registry. This licensed will be delivered to your residential address or will be sent to your training school. The validity of the license is two years and after that you will have to renew it. If you are relocating to a new state, then you may need to transfer your license. For example: If you plan to relocate to Washington and work there as certified nurse assistant, then you need to be aware about their license transfer process.

Thus after accomplishment of CNA certification New York, you will get several opportunities to work in any of the medical facilities and will be supervised by a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN). You will have to communicate with many people every day and get to learn several things from your daily work experience. 

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