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There is no shortcut if you are contemplating on a nursing career. You have to complete a training program and pass the exam for the certification. Then only, the State Nurse Aide Registry will issue you the certification. The state you belong to will have a major impact on your aspirations towards being a certified nursing assistants. For each state has their own ways of evaluating the training program and candidates' competency for the certification. Applying for a CNA certification in Sacramento is no different from any other states of America. Knowing what it takes to obtain the CNA certification will always smoothen the path you are about to tread on.

Sacramento is a city in California State. If you are residing in Sacramento and planning a nursing career, you have many opportunities like any other states of America. The Sacramento CAN certification is good for public and private job as a certified nursing assistant. There are numbers of nursing schools and training institutes in Sacramento. The CNA training you take must be approved by the Department of Health Services (DHS) of California.

CNA Certification in Sacramento

cna in sacramento California attracts many people from other states to earn their livelihood. The influx of people has contributed towards the growing population of the California State. If you are from other states and looking for a nursing assistant job in Sacramento, you can request the DHS to waive off the exam procedures and get your certification transferred to this state. If you are a citizen of the California State and looking to enter the medical field, you have to complete a state-approved training program.

The CNA training program in Sacramento lasts for total 150 hours comprising clinical and practical training. Both the classroom and practical training will teach will the nursing skills you can use in the actual healthcare setting.

Where to Find CNA Programs in Sacramento?

Many CNA programs in Sacramento are approved by the DHS. Most of the colleges, nursing schools, and vocational training institute help candidates to fulfill their dream of becoming a nursing assistant.

Listed below are few of the popular CNA colleges in Sacramento you can look for:

  • American River College

    American River College has been approved by the DHS for conducting CNA training program. However, before enrolling yourself in this college, you have to pass the background check by submitting your fingerprints along with other details. In addition to the background check, you will also have to clear the physical examination and TB test. The physical test is to judge whether you can lift or move patients from one place to another. The TB test will certify that you are free from this disease and can work around with people. The training consists of lectures, demonstration, regular test, group discussion, latest breakthroughs in medical science, and practical skills. Attending the complete 200 hours of training is compulsory in order to appear for the exam. This includes 63 hours of classroom training, and 135 hours of practical experience under direct supervision. Here is the address of this college you can visit and enquire about the CNA certification program.

    American River College
    4700 College Oak Drive
    Sacramento, CA 95841-4217

  • Kash Career College

    You can find various options to do the CNA certification training in Kash Career College. The college conducts part-time, full-time, weekends and evening batches. These options will help you to schedule your program according to your suitability. The full-time training program will continue for 25 days, the evening batches will last for six weeks, and the weekend program for 10 weeks. All these training programs will include clinical and classroom instructions. The clinical session will be provided in hospital and any long-term healthcare facilities. The classroom instruction will impart knowledge on communication, medicine and its effects on patients, reading patients' psychology, and offering them the best care facilities. You can decide which training program suits you and visit it at the below address:

    Kash Career College
    2949 Fulton Avenue
    Sacramento, CA 95821-4909

  • Sacramento Regional Occupational Programs (ROP)

    The Sacramento County Regional Occupation Programs offers CNA training opportunities without bothering you of the enrollment fee. The 360 hours of training prepare you for a nursing assistant job in the state. You will have the theoretical and practical knowledge all medical healthcare settings require.

    Sacramento Regional Occupational Programs (ROP)
    10541 Norden Avenue
    Mather, CA 95655

As is the cases with CNA certification Spokane, in Sacramento also, you can get associated with any long-term healthcare facilities. Since the aging and sick will be contributing extremely in the population of the California State, the demand for nursing assistant will continue to grow. So, prepare yourself to find a challenging, yet rewarding nursing assistant job. 

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