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Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are in great demand in Spokane, Washington. In spite of being an entry-level position, the certified nursing assistants draw a decent and above-average salary, including other benefits. However, the U.S. healthcare industries are battling hard to equate the demand and supply of nursing assistants. In order to encourage more people in taking a medical profession, all U.S. states have formulated plans according to which any interested person can seek a nursing career. Considering the high demand of certified nursing assistants, and job security, getting a CNA certification in Spokane is cheaper and faster than other states.

How to Become a CNA in Spokane, Washington?

To become a CNA in Spokane, you have to do a CNA course. The course is for 85 hours combining classroom and practical training. The Health Department of Washington governs the CNA certification. To find more about CNA certification, visit any local Nurse Aide Office. If you have already worked as a nursing assistant and taking the job after a gap, you can directly apply for the CNA exam. You will save time and money since there is no need for you to take the course. However, there is a rule by which your application for exam can be considered by the Washington State. Therefore, before applying, speak to the concerned person of the local nurse aide office.

spokane nursing aide If you are starting afresh, CNA course is requisite. You will need four to six weeks to complete the course. The fee for the course is not more than $1000. You can apply for the course in any nursing schools or vocational college. Some institutes may include additional expenses for materials provided to you during the training, whereas others will ask you to pay it separately. Better, get it clear at the time of admission.

If you have missed your chance to enroll yourself in the CNA course, you will have to wait for six to eight weeks. The new course usually starts once the existing ones are over. Therefore, you have to wait for this much time. However, the time and cost of the course needed to get the certification is much cheaper and faster than doing a degree course in nursing. A nursing degree will fetch you a higher position and salary than nursing assistants. You have to decide what you want to be. Nevertheless, with experience, you can surely get promotion and higher salary.

CNA Certification Program in Spokane, Washington

The duration and cost of the CNA certification program in Spokane will depend and vary on which nursing school or vocational college with which you are taking the course. You can find hundreds of state-approved certification program in Washington. In addition, many private clinic and hospitals offer training or sponsor the CNA certification program. However, they will expect you to work with them for a fixed period once you get the certification.

After receiving the certification, you can look for a job in any healthcare organization you prefer. The certification will throw open wide employment opportunities. There are numbers of employment options you can choose from. For example, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, etc. However, a training and clearance of the exam are all you will need to explore the employment. Some of the common things you will learn during the CNA certification program in any states are:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Patient’s rights
  • Human anatomy and psychology
  • Chemistry, biology and medical terminology
  • Symptoms and causes of diseases
  • Dressing wounds and preventing infection
  • Basic emergency and restorative care
  • Utrition, safety methods and hygiene

You will learn practical things in hospital or long-term care facility. The experienced nurses will conduct the clinical training. They will demonstrate the nursing skills with help of real patients. They will show you how to take vitals and specimens of blood and urine for lab testing, measuring and recording weight and height, moving and shifting patients, giving a bath to patients, feeding them and assisting them in daily activities.

CNA Certification Exam in Spokane

The Health Department of Washington drafts the exam paper. To appear for the exam, you will have to pay the $110 as an exam fee. You have to attend the theoretical as well as the practical exams in order to get the certification. You have to answer 100 to 130 multiple-choice questions in two hours to clear the theoretical exam. The practical exam will be taken after finishing the written test. The instructor will ask you to demonstrate your nursing skills on a person acting as a patient. Depending on the time and mood of the instructors, you will have to show five to ten important hands-on skills. Remember, there are no limitations in asking you to display your skills. So, do your homework sincerely in order to prove yourself. If you are thorough in the exams, the Washington Nursing Aide Registry will issue you the certification.

Getting a CNA certification in Spokane is not difficult. You can work in any city and healthcare facility within the Washington State. Get your certification transferred to the state you want to work if you are planning to shift. Also, read other articles to know how to apply for CNA certification in Denver. 

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