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The demand for nursing professionals in the United States will rise higher in the next few years. The statistics drawn by the Bureau of Labor have shown some lights for people interested in pursuing a nursing career. Many young students after completing their diploma or graduation look for obtaining a CNA certification. Nevertheless, before having the certification, they have to gain knowledge and experience so that the state they are living in can issue them the certification. The requirements, training and the renewal procedure may have some variations among states. Receiving the CNA certification in Tallahassee, is, different than CNA certification in Sacramento or any other city in the US, in terms of time, fee and requirements.

How to Become a CNA in Tallahassee?

Becoming a CNA needs certain steps. It will start from looking for a state-approved training program, submitting an application, depositing fee, and passing the exam.

First, contact the Florida Health Department in your city. Request them a list of nursing schools and colleges you can take the CNA training from. Ask the officials about the procedures, fees and requirements of the training. If you do not have time to visit the health department, you can open their website and look for the information. Call the office and get the address of the website, or simply search on the Google.

certified nursing in tallahassee You can find information on PCT (Patient Care Technician), CMA (Certified Medical Aide), and CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). All these courses have different criteria. Select the one you are interested in and read the details. The time and fee will depend on the school or college you want to enroll in.

Download the application form for the CNA training from the website, or contact the local office of the Nurse Aide Board. Complete the form by providing genuine and actual information about you. You will also have to mention whether you have any criminal background.

Complete the application with necessary information and mail it to the training coordinator. You will also have to submit the tuition fee, including the charges for a background check. The total charges for background check will be in between $40 to $60 depending on how long you have lived in Florida.

The CNA training program in Florida is for 120 hours that includes classroom and practical training. Many community colleges and vocational training institute schedule the training program. Usually, it is six weeks training. However, you can complete it in lesser time if you are willing to pay extra charges and study for additional hours.

When you have enrolled yourself for the CNA training, you have to attend the lectures, and practical. Dedicating time and efforts in the training program will help you in passing the test. The procedure to judge your competency will be stringent. This is the reason majority of the students do not clear it in one attempt. Therefore, studying hard and following all lectures and practical keenly are the only chances to get the certification.

CNA Requirements in Tallahassee

It is compulsory to complete the CNA training program before appearing for the certification exam in the state of Florida. If you are over 18 years of age and have a school diploma, you can still appear for the CNA exam. However, the chances of clearing the exam will be minimal. By completing the training program, you will learn all those things certified nursing attendants do while working in the healthcare industry. The training will make you competent to pass the exam and receive the certification.

Two fingerprints proof is required to check your criminal history. If the Public Safety Department clears you in the background check, you can sit for the CNA exam. The Nursing Aide Board will reject your application and right to do the exam if you are found guilty of any charges levied on you.

Becoming a CNA in Florida requires you to pass the written and practical examination. The written test will have multiple-choice questions. Whatever you have learned during your training will be tested in the written test. For the practical test, you will have to demonstrate the nursing skills on a person posing as a patient. You have to be ready and show your skills as asked by the instructors.

You will receive the CNA certification after passing both the tests. The Local Nurse Aide Board will inform you about the status of your exam through email.

How to Renew CNA Certification in Tallahassee?

The Florida Nursing Board will inform you about the expiry date of your certification two to three months before. If you have overlooked the notice, you can still apply for the certification renewal by contacting the local board. Fill out the form, deposit the renewal fees, and wait for the license. You will receive the new certification within a month. You can also renew your system through online.

The Florida state allows you to take the CNA exam even if you have not completed the training program. However, you must hold a high school diploma and be over 18 years to sit in the exam. Nevertheless, it is recommended to attend the CNA certification classes to receive the CNA certification in Tallahassee. 

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