CNA Certification Washington

All medical lovers can find great scope as a certified nursing assistant in Washington. This is because a survey conducted in 2008 states that from the period of 2008 to 2018 there is an expected increase of 19% in the need of nurse assistants. Hence, it is a good way to start your career as a CNA and gradually move up the ladder. CNA certification Washington is the first step towards your journey as a nursing assistant.

Washington CNA Classes

There are several nursing schools and community colleges in Washington that offer training programs for nursing assistants and there are many ways to find them out. You can contact the nursing schools and community colleges in your locality. You can contact other CNA's, if possible. Your friends, relatives may at times prove to be of great help for providing you adequate amount of information regarding the nursing classes. Sometimes, advertisements regarding training schools are also published in newspapers and other mass media such as internet. The best way is to visit or contact the Washington State Department of Health and ask them to provide you the names of the nursing schools that conduct such programs.

However, before enrolling yourself in any of the colleges, you should make sure that they are approved by the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). Some of the schools provide full-time training, some provide part-time training and some organize online training too. Part-time classes are conducted during weekends so that it does not affect the current job of such part-time learners. Free training is imparted by several nursing homes or long-term care facilities only to those learners who sign up a contract with them that states that they will work for a specific period of time in their medical facility. You can choose the way of study according to your convenience.

The cost for the training program is not unique and may differ from one institute to the other. As compared to other states, the training fees in Washington are high. Hence, there are many government policies to help in decreasing the financial burden. Many state and federal grants are introduced for this purpose. Students wishing to opt for this should qualify the required criteria and seek the benefits. Thus, Washington CNA classes provide several modes of study to learners, thus creating a comfortable mode of education.

Washington CNA Programs

The minimum duration of the entire training is 85 hours and this is decided by the State Board. You will have to attend theory and laboratory sessions. Given below are the few concepts that will be taught to you during the entire course:

  • A detailed description about the anatomy and physiology of the human body
  • Various diseases and ways to prevent it
  • Carrying out vital medical tests for the patients
  • Preparing health charts
  • Emergency aides
  • Importance of nutrition
  • Healing and dressing wounds
  • Monitoring the condition of patients
  • Communication skills

Constant practice of all these will help you to become familiar with the duties of a CNA; thus strengthening your hands on experience.

Along with this training, you will also have to undertake the AIDS training. This is a seven hour training that will teach you concepts about infection of AIDS and techniques to prevent it from affecting the body. In order to register yourself, you will have to visit the relevant website of the Washington State Department of Health and enroll for the appropriate course by following the correct procedure. This is a mandatory course. You will be allowed to sit for the final examinations only if you are able to show the completion certification of this additional training.

Certification of a CNA in Washington

Completion of the training successfully will make you eligible to sit for the exams that are conducted by the State Board of Nursing. This exam is also called as the Federal CNA exam. The exam paper is divided into two sections. The first one is the written section which will contain 72 multiple choice questions. Only after clearing the written exam, the students will be allowed to appear for the second stage of evaluation. The second section is the manual skills test where you will have to perform and demonstrate five clinical skills to the examiner present at that moment. These five skills can be any out of the total of twenty five skills that was taught during the training. If you fail to clear the exams, you will have to reappear for it. A person can attempt the exams three times, however, if they fail to clear in the third attempt, then they will have to undergo the full training session and then sit for the examination. After clearing the Washington CNA Exam, you will be awarded with CNA certification. After which you will have to apply for the CNA license from the nursing aide registry. CNA license Washington is a mandatory requirement for working in any medical facility.Getting a certified nursing aide license is an important step in becoming a professional nursing aide and work in New York, Houston or any other state.

You are now eligible to get employment opportunities in hospitals, long term care centers, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes, as you have obtained the CNA certification Washington. With the increase in experience and excellent career advancement, you can enjoy this job as it is a recession proof job. 

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