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Becoming a certified nursing assistant has been my dream since my college days. Whenever I used to see ailing people struggling in performing the most basic routine activity, I was full of sorrow. It was then I decided to do something from my side to help such people. I was not that intelligent to be a doctor. However, I was determined to take care of the sick and geriatrics. Therefore, I decided to become a certified nurse. When I looked for the ways in becoming one, I understood that a training program and nursing assistant certification exam is all I have to take.

Both the exam and test are necessary to get prepared for the nursing job. The training program teaches you how to perform basic health checks, and immunization in the healthcare facilities and the exam earns you certification to land a job. If there is anything that stands in between you and the nursing job, it is the certification. However, this license is possible only after the exam.

The CNA certification exam is the last step you must take in order to fetch a nursing job. Though there is nothing serious about the exam, you must know that it is not the school or the institute you are studying the course at that prepares it. If that was the case, just imagine how easy it would have been. That is why taking the exam is a real test in itself. The Nurse Aide Registry decides what questions to answer, and how well prepared you are with your nursing skills.

Types of CNA Certification Exam

certified nursing aide exam You have to do two types of certified nursing certification exam. The first one is the written test, and the second is to judge your practical skills. Few basic things you must remember before taking the exam are positive attitude and good hygiene. The former is to be mentally and physically ready to take the exam. The latter will also play a major role since you are going to enter a field where the hygiene is the prime factor. Therefore, ensure that you are prepared and have instilled the essence of hygiene in your mind before the exam.

Written Test: The written test is a multiple-choice question. The number of the question would be 100 or 130 depending on the state you are doing the exam. The number of questions does not hold any significance since in either case the duration of the exam will remain the same, i.e. two hours. Moreover, the assigned time is sufficient to attend all the questions, provided you have studied well.

The written test would be in two different categories. It would include questions based on interaction with patients, medical circumstances, standard of hygiene, disease symptoms, nutrition, legal documents featuring medical rights of patients, etc. It is better to be prepared for anything and everything.

Practical Test: The practical skills are also an important part of CNA certification test. You should not falter in presence of the doctors and the medical staff while giving the demonstration. Therefore, try to get as much as hands-on experience as you can while taking the training. Try to practice the nursing skills at home with the help of your family members. They too will enjoy and be happy to see that you are doing well. Many help to gain the practical knowledge is available online as well. Videos, books with illustration and information would be very handy in taking the exam.

Learn how to take patient's pulse reading, temperature and blood pressure, how to lift carefully and move patients with and without apparatus, how to bath a patient, change dress, and help them to the toilet, etc. Just think from the patients' perspective. Imagine you are patient and bedridden, and think what help would you need to do the basic things. The job of the certified nursing assistants is nothing more than helping and caring the patients.

Skills for Nursing Assistant Certification Exam

The certified nurse aide assistants' job demands mental and physical abilities. Moving or lifting patients is not that easy. Though your colleague will be helping you in doing so, yet you must still be able to share the weight. There are several skills you must practice and master as well. Below are some skills.

  • Hygiene (washing your hands, wearing gloves)
  • Proper grooming and dress, including cap and stocking
  • Assisting patients in walking using supporting belt and equipment
  • Assist patients in using the bedpan
  • Count and record pulse rate
  • Use of stethoscope
  • Groom and dress patients without injuring or inflicting pain
  • Give a sponge bath
  • Make and operate the tiller to lift or incline the bed
  • Dress and feed patients who are sick and weak
  • Stand patients on a weight machine to measure and record it

The above listed skills are just one-third. To pass the certified nursing assistant exam, you should master at least 60 to 70 percent of those skills.

When you pass both the written and practical test, you will receive the certification from the Nurse Aide Registry. Remember, the certification is important, and it is the only medium to get a registration with the Registry. Moreover, it will prove that you are legally employable. Therefore, do not take the CNA certification exam lightly. Also, refer to our entry which answers all the questions on certified nursing assistant certification in Spokane. 

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