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Do you want to lend a hand for a social cause and at the same time manage to meet both the ends? There are numerous avenues available if your answer is 'yes'. CNA (certified nursing assistant) is one of the courses that will open wide opportunities for you in the medical field. The nursing assistant course will prepare you to take a job of a nursing assistant in hospitals, and health-related institutions. You will also have an option to select a public or private setting. If you are not able to attend your classes daily due to other assignments, you can complete the certified nursing certification course online.

Nursing assistant certification online course is like a ray of hope for those who want to become a nursing assistant, but are not getting the right start. If you are a full-time worker, or cannot enroll in the nursing school or college because of the distance, online course is now much feasible and affordable as well. Even being a parent will not hinder you from taking the online course. You can be at home with your kids and do the education.

How to Apply for CNA Certification Course Online

online certified nursing course Most of the schools, colleges, and nursing institution are now offering certification online course where you can complete your course and give the CNA certification test to get the license. You can get information of such training institutes by searching on the internet. The local nursing aide registry will also provide you the details about the same.

There are few online courses that are offered free of cost. You will also come to know whether the course providers have any affiliation with the board or not. Further, the cost of the online course would be much lesser as compared to the classroom course. The nursing assistant certification online course contents are the same you will find in any vocation or technical schools. Typically, the course will prepare you to take all the responsibilities a nursing assistant has to hold in a real-life situation while working in healthcare setting. The course material includes basic nursing skills, communicating with patients, human anatomy, patients' psychology and rights, controlling infection, dressing wounds, CPR, symptoms, assisting doctors and nurse, checking vitals, etc.

Step-Wise Procedure to Apply for Online Course

  • Search for the best institute or school that offer CNA certification course online
  • Make suer that the institute is accredited from the State Board of Nursing
  • Check for the eligibility criteria of the course in which you want to enroll
  • If the eligibility criteria is fulfilled, then apply to enroll for the course
  • Pay the fees of the course, as per the institute norms
  • After all the enrolling process is over, you will obtain a Login ID and password to access your account and retrieve the necessary information.

Some may think that appearing for CNA classes is better as compared to CNA online. That is right, because there will be an instructor present who can answer or clear your doubts. Moreover, you can bother them with all sorts of questions, which have to be obliged. However, online course would benefit you in other ways. You will have to run your train of thought continuously to understand the subject on your own, which probably is the best method of learning. Anything that one learns without any help is never ever forgettable. Of course, you have other options at your hands. You can raise and clear your doubts through emails, or the chat window. There will be no difference in the course material, whether you are doing it online or attending a class. You can complete the online course and still be eligible to work as certified nursing assistant.

Benefits of Nursing Assistant Certification Online

  • The main advantage of nursing assistant certification online course is the timing. You can prefer your own comfortable time.
  • The internet facility will allow you to be in constant touch with the nursing community.
  • You can share your thoughts, seek advice, converse with professors and students via chat, and participate in a debate or discussion
  • You can complete the test and take a part in the competition via the internet.
  • You can view various practical session and demonstration of skills being performed by experienced nurses through different videos
  • The online course provider would schedule a clinical session for you in some local hospital
  • You can download various study materials and guides available on different websites
  • There are various practice test papers free of cost, which you can download and practice for the final exam

Duration of Online CNA Certification

The duration of online course is 75 hours, The schedule for the practical classes will be sent via email and according you have to attend the practical session.

List of Colleges/Universities that Offer CNA Certification Online

  • Walden University Online
  • Azusa Pacific University
  • Saint Xavier University
  • Sanford Brown College
  • Lewis University

Real job experience is compulsory to start working as a certified nursing assistant. An internship program will help to gain the practical experience. You will polish and enhance your skills with this program. The nursing assistant certification online course contains the clinical activity session. However, one needs to work continuously for few months in order to apply the skills learned.

Completing the CNA online course is the best option for working professional and parents, or when there is no school or college nearby offering the course. With the online course, you can manage your time and save money as well. Moreover, you will have a wide scope in building a social network with students and professor belonging to a different country. 

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