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If you want to become a certified nursing assistant, you will have to attend the nursing aide training program, which is approximately for a period of six to eight weeks. But what if you have certain responsibilities such as taking care of your family or a compulsory job during the entire day? Under such circumstances, you will find it difficult to attend the nursing assistant classes and handle your responsibilities simultaneously. That is why an alternative was introduced as nursing assistant certification online.

Why to Opt for CNA Classes Online?

  • This mode of study is a matter of ease and comfort. You tend to save a lot of time that could be spent in transportation from your home to the training class. Not only time, but transportation charges are also saved.
  • You can choose your place of study as per your convenience. Many people like to study from the comfort of their homes.
  • You can continue with your current work along with pursuing the training
  • While studying online you get to know about various vendors (websites) that offer practice tests, which can be better known as nursing assistant certification test online so that the learners get a chance to practice the questions and obtain an idea about the question paper pattern. This helps them score good marks in the final examination.

online nursing assistant Which is the Best Online Training Program?

The quality of teaching provided in all the certified nursing aide training programs is equivalent. You will have to take full advantage of all the benefits provided and grasp all the things taught so that you can gain all the knowledge. An important thing that you should keep in mind while selecting the training program is its accreditation. You should check that the nursing assistant certification online training program that you have chosen is approved either by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing and Education or by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission. If you are not able to find a suitable online coaching website or an accredited website administrator, then you can ask these organizations to help you in providing the relevant information.

Comparison Between Online CNA Classes and Classroom Training for Nursing Assistants

The teaching content taught in both the modes of training is same. However, the environment of education is different. In classroom training, you will be seated in a classroom placed in a nursing school or any other training center with a professor conducting lectures whereas in online teaching, you can study from home or from whichever place you like provided there is a computer and internet facility. But this does not hamper the quality of teaching, as it remains the same in both the modes. The grasping power of different individuals is different. By using the online study method, you have the freedom to learn at your own will and way. Another benefit of online training programs is that their cost is less than the cost of regular classroom CNA certification.

The different ways through which you can learn through internet are by e-mails, chatting technologies, and video conferencing. Submission of assignments and other practice tests are also done through email and other computer software technologies.

Some of the online programs provide video clippings to demonstrate various experiments as a part of their practical training. However, in addition to this, it is necessary to attend the clinical sessions at certain locations preferably hospitals, long term care facilities and nursing homes as arranged by the institute so that the learners obtain a hands on experience of the responsibilities of a nursing aide and they can perform well in the clinical skills test evaluation of the certification exam. A specific number of hours is allocated for the practical sessions and it differs from one state to the other.

In case of classroom training, textbooks are provided to the students, whereas in case of online training e-books are included as part of their study to cover the theoretical concepts of the certification class. These e-books contain information about the medical terminologies, physiology and anatomy of human body, importance of effective communication, and the role of certified nursing assistants. You can also download other course material from different websites.

The duration of the program in both the ways of study is approximately a minimum of 75 hours. After completing the required amount of training period, you will have to register yourselves for the CNA certification exam and clear the test with good marks.

One of the drawbacks of online nursing aide program is the lack of direct interaction with the instructor and with other students pursuing the course. Though, this is possible through live chats and video conferencing, it is not as effective as direct interaction.

What Next After Online Certified Nursing Certification?

After passing the CNA certification test, you will obtain your certified nursing assistant certificate following which you can apply for CNA license. After obtaining the license, you are eligible to apply for nursing jobs at several health care organizations. Your responsibility regarding your certification does not come to an end after getting a job. Your license expires at regular intervals of time. In some states, it expires after two years, whereas in some states it expires after one year, so you will have to apply for the nursing assistant license renewal as and when required. In some states, the candidate needs to apply for nursing assistant certification renewal as per the norms of that state.

Therefore, CNA certification online is regarded as an effective mode of pursuing the certified nursing assistant course. You can get an opportunity to study as per your convenience. With the improvement in technology, many things are possible in the present generation. Similarly, you will find the simplicity of this method once you start using it. Certified nurse assistant training programs are also provided in Houston to get more details about it, you can refer our entry about CNA certification Houston. 

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