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We keep a system to track the IP address users. This helps us to know he number of old users and also the old ones who access this website. This information helps us to know the number of visitors on our website and the regions where the users access our website the most.

However, the IP address (i.e. the number of the computer from where you access the site) is only meant for the administrative purposes. We do not access any other personal information on your computer in any manner at all. The IP address is kept very confidential and we take care that we do not deliberately or accidentally reveal this information to any site so as to expose your system to any possible threats from any other website.

If you have any doubts or queries, you can mail us at: We also ensure you that the queries sent to this mail id shall also be kept strictly confidential, and shall not be distributed to a third party. If there is any change in any of our policies, we shall notify via email, or post it on this page.

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