CNA Certification Renewal

The renewal of all the licenses, whether it is for a business, personal and professional purpose is compulsory once the validity period gets over. This is binding even for the nursing assistant certification. The CNA certification is given to the nursing professional once they complete the training and pass the test conducted by the State Board of Nurse Aide Registry. You cannot work until and unless you renew the certification. You will be breaking the law if you are still working even after the license is over. The certification renewal will allow you to work in your profession for another additional period. All states in US have a different process for certification renewal. However, there are few CNA certification requirements and a few basic rules that are common, which you should be aware when renewing CNA certification.

Process of Certified Nursing Certification Renewal

The Nurse Aide Registry Board issues the nursing assistant certification. The validity period of this certification is two years. Some states release it for a period of one year. Whichever states you belong to, you have to apply for the renewal once the time limit is over. If you want to continue the same profession, renewal is necessary. The choice is up to you.

Step-wise Process

steps to renewal nursing license

  • First of all visit the Nurse Aide Registry that has issued you the nursing assistant license and retrieve all the informations
  • After receiving your application, the nursing board will check your background. This is to find out whether you are involved in any offense or facing any trial for negligence that may have cost serious problem for the victim. In that situation, the board will not consider your renewal application
  • If everything is clear, you will receive a renewal form.
  • Apply for the renewal process by filling the details of the form and submitting the required documents
  • An instruction sheet will also accompany the form, which you have to read it before filling.
  • The form contains two pages. You will fill the first one, and the employer you are working for will complete the second.
  • Attach a proof for actual numbers of hours worked along with the form. The only eligibility you must fulfill is two years of continuous service.
  • If you do not complete 160 hours of working from the time of receiving the certification, you have to take a CNA certification test. To take the exam, registration with a nurse aide program is necessary.
  • Even if you have shifted to another state, you still have to apply to the state from where you obtained the license.

CNA Certification Renewal Timeframe and Cost

Once you submitted your documents and application, you will have to wait for a minimum two-week time to get the license. However, you can keep a track on your application status by visiting the Registry's website. Usually, you will receive the license through mail, or they may call you to collect it personally. To avoid frustration, it is better to apply for the renewal few weeks before the completion of the validity period. The process will be lengthier and time-consuming if you delay in renewing the certification. The Board may even levy a fine on you if you have not applied in time.

If there is no fine imposed on you, you will have to pay $50 as the renewal fees. There may be additional nominal charges if you are availing online service in paying the fee. You can also mail a check or demand draft to the Nurse Aide Registry Board.

Documents for CNA Certification Renewal

When applying for the renewal of nursing assistant certification, ensure that you have included a document that proves your nationality or citizenship. Without this paper, the Board will not consider your application. All the US states follow this rule. This is to ensure that you have a legal citizenship of the country. Contact the Registry for additional information, so that you arrange for any other requirements.

As a certified nursing assistant, you must fulfill few responsibilities on your own or without asking. The most important one is to keep the State Nurse Registry informed about your address. You may change your location or shift to a new place due to personal reasons. Nevertheless, the Registry will keep sending documents to you at your previous address that you have given when you first received the certification. There is also no need for to remember when your license is getting over. The Board will inform you in two months in advance. For this, you need to update your current address with the Board.

The nursing assistant certification renewal process is simple. It takes maximum two-week to get the renewed one. However, the requirement and procedure may vary among states. Therefore, before applying, you must get information from the State Nurse Aide Board so that you follow the steps correctly. This will relieve you from the stress, and frustration you may have to deal with in the absence of lack of knowledge. Moreover, it will be a real time saver. 

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