CNA Certification Requirements

We all fall sick, sustain injuries, age, battle with all kinds of diseases, and have to be in hospitals, or rehab centers. Our family takes care of us during our illness. They take every measure at their end to provide us the best of treatment. Apart from the family, someone who truly looks after us when in the hospital is the certified nursing assistants. Certified nursing assistants take all the pain just to get ready for serving the patients. They go through a tough training program where they learn certified nurse aide skills. After completing the training, they prove themselves that they are capable of taking care of patients by doing a test. Clearing the test makes them eligible for the certification with help of which they get employment. Today, certified nursing assistants are the essential part of hospitals, nursing homes, old-age home, community hospitals, prisons, orphanage, and medical institutes.

Now you must have understood what the CNA certification can do. This license will open a wide array of employment for you. The settings you can work are already stated above. However, achieving the certification is not easy. You need to apply for the CNA certification, complete the course and then pass the exam.

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How to Obtain CNA Certification

Both Federal and the State government have laid out certain requirements for the CNA certification. Each state has a Nurse Aide Registry Board. The board decides the syllabus of certified nurse aide course, its period, and conducts the test. The board also issues the certification if you pass the test. The training and test are compulsory for employment. You have to complete certain number of hours in studying the nursing skills. The training duration may vary marginally among states. The board will help in getting information about the certification requirements.

To be certified, the Federal government needs you to take 75 hours of training followed by a test. In some states, the course period may be less or more than this. However, according to the Federal requirement, every person wanting to be in the nursing profession has to complete 75 hours of training. They also have to pass the exam to achieve the certification.

Certified Nursing Assistant Training

The Nurse Aide Registry approves the training programs. Many nursing schools, colleges, and some healthcare centers provide the training. The training comprises of classroom and laboratory studies. Practical skill is also compulsory. Students are taken to hospitals where they can communicate with patients and gain hands-on nursing experience. Alternatively, each student is asked to demonstrate the certified nurse aide skills on another student assuming him/her as a patient.

The training includes:

  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Body mechanism
  • Healing methods such as dressing, administering medicines
  • Patients rights
  • Time-management
  • Taking blood pressure, reading the heart beat and checking pulse rate
  • Collecting urine sample
  • Curbing infection
  • Giving bath to patients
  • Feeding the patients, changing their dress, grooming, psychology

The training will help to take a career in the medical field, and the certification in finding a job. However, it takes time and dedication to complete the training and achieve the certification.

Additional Requirements

After achieving the certification, you have to give a physical test. This procedure is the requirement of some states. The idea behind the test is to check your ability to lift a weight. Nursing assistants have to carry and lift patients for many reasons. They have to move patients while bathing, feeding, changing dress and bed, shifting to another bed, or taking them to the operation theatre.

CNA Certification Exam

Certification is achievable only after doing the test. The Nurse Aide Registry design and approves the CNA certification test. The Registry also provides notice of the exam date, time and venue. The test includes written and practical skills. The number of questions for the written test will again differ on the state. However, the question will be in-between 100 to 130. The paper will be based on your course materials. It will include medical terminology, definition and symptoms of common diseases, IQ, and your knowledge and reaction of certain situation or emergency.

After the written test, the instructor will call you to test your nursing skills. You have to show your hands-on skill on a person who will be acting like a patient. Checking blood pressure, performing CPR, providing first aid, lifting and moving from one chair to another are few things required for the exam.

The test is taken to check your certified nurse aide abilities and knowledge. You have to finish it in the allotted time, which is usually two hours. The certification also requires you to pay a fee for the test. The fee is not high and there may be a difference of few dollars among states. The board will notify you whether you have pass it or need to appear again for the test.

This excerpt tells us that training and doing test are the two important requirements for CNA certification in Denver, Sacramento, or any other city or state.. It is impossible to get the license without these two essential factors. There is no alternative if you want to take a career in the nursing industry. The benefit is all yours since you would be able to market yourself in a better way once you have the certification. 

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