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If nursing career is calling you, you must have a certification that would allow you to find an entry-level job as a certified nurse assistant or aide. Becoming a certified nurse aide is possible only after taking the test. If you pass the CNA certification test, you will get the license to work in any healthcare industry. The job revolves around taking care of the sick, injured, elderly and those appearing closer to the step of death. Training, knowledge, skills and empathy are the qualities of good certified nursing assistants. Before that, you must know what it takes for appearing in the certified nursing certification test.

Procedure for CNA Certification Test

The CNA certification test is a bit lengthy procedure as compared to other examinations. The aspiring candidates have to go through a hard and tough regimen in order to achieve the certification. A certified nurse aide training program, one that is state approved is the first step in appearing for the test. Many institutes, colleges, nursing schools, and health centers are offering this training program. The training will teach you about the caring nuances you will be offering to the patients while serving in a healthcare facility. You will learn theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Before the final examination, you will have to take the preliminary tests as the course progresses. These tests will show you how you are performing and what area you should concentrate on. Remember, getting the certification is not easy. Therefore, you must take each test seriously and try to score maximum marks. You will not be eligible for the final test until you finish 75 hours of training. 50 hours of theory or classroom instruction, and 25 hours for real-life practical training is how the total hours are calculated.

Basic Instructions for CNA Certification Test

nursing aide test While taking the training, maintain a good reputation with your instructors. This practice will yield you result when you actually start working. Always try to raise questions in the classroom if you have doubts. Take notes from your classmate, and consult the trainer in case you could not attend the class, but that better be only under emergency. Refer to medical journals that could enhance your nursing knowledge. Look out for videos demonstrating practical skills. These things will help you appear for the CNA certification exam.

Take initiatives if you want to improve your certified nurse aide skills. Talk to the people who have passed out and are working as a certified nursing assistant. Listen to them and take their advice. Visit them at their working place whenever your training is off to feel the job in person. However, let them take permission from their superior. Ensure that you are not bothering them or raising any difficulties in doing their job. Take help of your family members and friends as well by practicing the certified nurse aide skills on them.

Once your training is complete, you have to fill in some forms. This paperwork is a standard procedure in all the states, which is for filing your documents with the State Board of Nursing. The Board will then inform you through registered mail when and where the exam is going to take place.

Duration of Nursing Assistant Certification Test

The duration of the test is two hours. This includes both practical and theoretical skills. To test your hands-on abilities, the invigilator may ask you to perform CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) on a person acting as a patient. Further, they will check your skills in taking the temperature and recording the blood pressure. You will also have to show your skills in making beds, bathing and walking patients, dressing wounds, changing patients' uniform, etc. Be prepared for anything they may ask you to do.

You have to do the written test to prove your theoretical knowledge. You have to answer 100 questions reading the several options given below each question. If you have prepared thoroughly, doing the written test is lot easier, and you may finish off much earlier than the stipulated time. Remember, multiple-choice option always entails a risk of negative marking. So click on the answers carefully.

Do not forget to take your identify card. Take a rubber and pencil with you. If possible, attend all questions. Avoid guessing work both while taking the test and attending a patient. Do not be in a hurry to finish the paper early. Even if you do, you have to remain on your seat until the time is complete. The instructor will come and collect the paper personally at your desk. After that, the practical skill is tested by calling one student at a time.

Before showing your patient care assistant skills, remember to wash your hands, greet the patient, and introduce yourself. This is necessary to make a personal contact and start the communication. When the patient is comfortable with you, he/she will gain confidence and have faith in you.

To become a certified nursing assistant, you have to master all the skills necessary in the healthcare industry. Passing the nursing assistant exam is also important, which will depend on how much efforts you have put in. The pain and energy you have exerted will not go in vain. The certification will surely fetch you a job, and you will have both respect and earning. You can also get some information about certified nurse aide Certification in Tallahassee from our next entries. 

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