CNA Certification Verification

The demand for certified nursing assistants has forced many students to pursue a career in the medical world. Today, the medical profession is the most respected one that pays well and gives loads of benefits. More than the pay and benefits, the best motivation factor is the satisfaction one derives from saving or helping a patient. The population of sick worldwide is more than the doctors, lab technicians, lab assistants, physiotherapists, and certified nursing assistants. By obtaining a CNA certification, you can fill the shortage as well as earn a job.

Purpose of Nursing Assistant Certification Verification

The need for the nursing assistant certification verification arises once you have obtained it. To achieve the certification, you have to follow many steps starting from enrolling in a training program and appearing for the exam. The training school or institute you choose should be accredited with the State Nurse Aide Board. Further, you should also check the type of training facilities they are providing. It is also important that your instructors must be experienced and registered with the board.

How to Apply for CNA Certification

nursing certification verification Once you have done with the training, you have to apply for the certification to the Nurse Aide Board. Before that, you need to complete some paperwork so that the board could register you for the exam. One more thing you must consider while applying is the place you are looking to work. Assume that you are looking forward to working in Sacramento. To accomplish your wish, you have to apply for Sacramento CNA Certification. Written and practical tests would decide your future in the healthcare industry. Passing in both the tests is necessary and important in achieving the certification.

The CNA certification will allow you to work in any public and private healthcare facility. The renewal of the license before its expiry is also important to be in the nursing profession. You should not delay in renewing the license, or else it will be lapsed.

The certification would be your reference anywhere you are searching for the job. The license number would help the employers to verify it. Mostly, the verification is done online, since most states have the online verification system. You can also avail this service in case your state is providing it. There are nominal charges you have to pay for checking the status of your license. However, the payment you will be making it is still worth. At times, when you have forgotten to note down the license details, and are in need to present it to the employers, you can easily access it.

Advantage of CNA Certification Verification

The nursing assistant certification verification is useful if you want to check the authenticity of your license. The verification process is easy and is possible online or visiting the Nurse Aide Board personally. You have to provide the license number and other information on the website. The window will display all the necessary information you want about your license.

If you are visiting the nursing aide office, you have to show your identity and details about the license. This includes the number, date of issue, driving license and social security number. These details would help the office to identify you and check the status. A nominal fee will be levied for the certification verification. Some states do it without asking to pay you any charges. You can choose to receive the certification validation through email or registered mail. Receiving the validation through postal mail will take two weeks time, but it will contain the seal and signature of the concerned office and dignitary. This is the best option since no one can challenge the verification after seeing the seal and signature.

The need of the certification verification would also depend on the type of employment. If you were working independently as a freelancer and giving your service by visiting your client's home, then probably they would not require verifying your license. However, reputed public and private organization will need the verification. Some of them may even seek a third-party service to find whether the certification is genuine. You will have to present a photocopy of the license to the employer at the time of an interview. This way, they will come to know which state has issued you the license, the date of issue and certified nursing assistant certification renewal.

Steps to Follow for CNA Certification Verification

  • Get a copy of the update certification
  • Look for the local nurse aide office
  • Check if there is online verification facility
  • Carry relevant information such as license number, date of issue, photo identity, security number, driving license, etc. while visiting the licensing authority. They may demand any document to verify your identify. So, be ready.
  • Deposit and request a receipt against the verification fee

Depending on your preference, the certification verification is sent either through an email or by posting it to your residential address.

The verification of nursing assistant certification is important and easy in order to stay connected with the healthcare industry. The need of verification may arise any time during the employment. The certification renewal is equally necessary. Therefore, be updated on the status of your certification trough verification. 

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